Bitminer P8 RX580 with housing and electricity 12 months


Bitminer P8 is a powerful high end miner computer developed with a special mainboard designed for mining with 8 high performance and high efficiency video boards with 8GB of memory. It is a high end miner, fast and resistant and built to work a lot, consume little, and last longer. In configuration with GPU based on reprogrammable AMD RX580 technology for very high mining performance.

It has 8 latest generation RX570 4GB video boards specially developed for mining with memory capacity starting at 4GB; a characteristic that means it delivers elevated calculation performance even in the long term.

The multi GPU mining system can only be purchased to be located inside our mining farms and therefore provided with free housing, assistance, warranties and mining management and electricity for 12 months included in the sales price. The saving in electricity costs is about 3,000 Euro in 12 months.

This basic miner is configured for mining the principle scripts for GPU like MONEROETHEREUM or ZETACASH. The main configurable algorithms for mining are Ethash, CryptoNightV7, Groestl, X11Gost, Equihash, Lyra2REv2, NeoScrypt, LBRY, Blake 2b, Blake 14r, Pascal, Skunhash, PHI1612, TimeTRavel10, X16R, Lyra2z, NIST5, Xevan.

Hashing Power: 230 MH/s in Ethash (+/- 8%)


Bitminer P8 RX580 is a powerful miner computer made to mine hard and last longer

A powerful and reliable 8 GPU miner computer to mine rapidly and last longer! Bitminer Pro 8 is one of the most stable and reliable configurations we have tested on our mining farm, and we own many units of them. This configuration has an excellent productivity/price ratio, it is accessible, reliable and relatively simple to manage. It is a high end multi GPU mining rig, with extraordinary reliability, balance and power, building with hardware components devised for mining.

Made to mine hard and last longer

Bitminer P8 RX580 is a miner computer made to mine in the long-term and maintain an optimized Hashing performance over time. It was developed with a mainboard specially designed and optimized for mining which ensures a direct connection with the hardware architecture for every GPU installed on the system to transmit dedicated data and much faster and more efficiently than traditional mainboards. It also has feeders that can stabilize power and reduce consumption.

Ultra fast GPUs and performance that lasts

Like every Bitminer in the Serie Pro it is assembled with the most powerful GPUs available on the market and represents the top of the range of video boards for professional mining. They are high performance, low consumption GPUs fitted with great capacity with 8GB memory. The GPUs of this system ensure on average high hashing power (speed) that becomes much higher through the overclock.

Hashing algorithms

Ethash, CryptoNightV7, Groestl, X11Gost, Equihash, Lyra2REv2, NeoScrypt, LBRY, Blake 2b, Blake 14r, Pascal, Skunhash, PHI1612, TimeTRavel10, X16R, Lyra2z, NIST5, Xevan.


Bitminer Pro 8 RX580 is supplied with video boards AMD RX580 8GB .

Housing complete with electricity, connectivity and assistance for 12 months is included

The service is devised for those wanting to grow rapidly, avoiding problems of space and unit infrastructure, also saving high electricity costs.

Free electricity for 12 months

You can choose to purchase your Bitminer Pro Mining system including free housing and electricity for 12 months included in the price. After the period of free electricity, housing, assistance, warranty and mining management services are included in the cost per KW.

Services included in detail included with the purchase of the Bitminer P8 RX580 system

  • Housing, location of the Bitminer on our mining farms in Italy or Bosnia.
  • Insurance Theft and fire.
  • Hardware warranty for 12 months.
  • Technical assistance for maintenance, breakdowns or repairs.
  • Electricity, produced and supplied by our generation plants.
  • Back Office Management and Bitminer monitoring.
  • Community, access to meetings and the work of our industrial miners group.

All the services needed for proper running and management are included: our support, electricity costs, connectivity, insurance against fire and theft. All with 12 month warranty at our facility.


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