Bitminer Hydro FPGA with housing and electricity 12 months


Bitminer Hydro FPGA in special configuration with 20 FPGA Xilinx VCU1525 Crypto Edition Board with “Hydro-Cooling” system. A super miner entirely liquid cooled with all the hardware components fully submerged. An exclusive Bitminer Factory product.

It comes with latest generation 20 FPGA Xilinx VCU1525 Crypto Edition Boards.

The multi GPU mining system can only be purchased to be located inside our mining farms and therefore provided with free housing, assistance, warranties and mining management and electricity for 12 months included in the sales price.

This basic miner can be configured for mining principle scripts for FPGA “no memory intensive”. The main configurable algorithms for mining are Groestl, X11Gost, Equihash, Lyra2REv2, NeoScrypt, LBRY, Blake 2b, Blake 14r, Pascal, Skunhash, PHI1612, TimeTRavel10, X16R, Lyra2z, NIST5, Xevan. Ethash and CryptoNightV7 in the programming stage.


Nothing is more powerful, unique and versatile than the FPGA Bitminer Hydro. Miner with 20 FPGA Xilinx VCU1525 Crypto Edition Board

This is a powerful Miner Computer with 20 FPGA Xilinx VCU1525 Crypto Edition Board fully liquid cooled. This main principle enables the system to obtain calculation performance for mining 1.8X times faster than the same air-cooled OEM component. A very powerful calculation centre assembled on a single super server for mining. In fact every individual FPGA board is up to 10-100 times faster than a CPU for high end servers. For logical algorithms every individual FPGA of this miner is about 15/18 times higher than the NVIDIA 1080Ti.


Extraordinary and innovative

Bitminer Hydro FPGA is assembled with an impressive 20 FPGA Xilinx VCU1525 in the original Crypto Edition Board version, encapsulated in a fully liquid cooled watertight case. The “Hydro Cooling” offers a heat dissipation capacity up to 30 times greater than traditional air-cooled units. This way all components work at a very low temperature and without any kind of thermal and electrostatic stress. Bitminer Hydro FPGA is unique solution on the Miner Computer for Industrial Mining market developed directly in our LABs.

Main characteristics

  • Every FPGA board is up to 100-100 times faster than a CPU for high end servers.
  • Every FPGA board is 1.8X times faster than the factory configured air-cooled version.
  • Every FPGA board is 18X faster than a NVIDIA 1080Ti on logical algorithms.
  • Specialized reprogrammable hardware for mining and high calculation intensity applications.
  • Programmable in OpenCLTM, C, C ++ and RTL through the development environment SDAccelTM Xilinx
  • Heat dissipation up to 30X higher than air cooled units with (Hydro Cooling System).
  • 20 Slot PCI-Express x1
  • 20 FPGA Xilinx VCU1525 Crypto Edition Board assembled in parallel.
  • System electricity consumption of the system 5.4 kW.

Hashing algorithms

Bitminer Hydro FPGA is a highly versatile and long lasting miner computer recommended for industrial mining. In fact, FPGA technology means that the calculation units can be programmed for any type of operation or algorithm. The programming is specific and developed specially by our LABs which work constantly in application research and development for the use of FPGA components for mining and cryptocurrency generation.

Groestl, X11Gost, Equihash, Lyra2REv2, NeoScrypt, LBRY, Blake 2b, Blake 14r, Pascal, Skunhash, PHI1612, TimeTRavel10, X16R, Lyra2z, NIST5, Xevan.


Every machine yields to date measure approximately 516.48 USD/day produced by means of accurate server and generated crypto management.


In this configuration Bitminer Hydro FPGA comes with 20 FPGA Xilinx VCU1525 Crypto Edition Board.

Housing complete with electricity, connectivity and assistance for 12 months is included

The service is devised for those wanting to grow rapidly, avoiding problems of space and unit infrastructure, also saving high electricity costs.

Services included in detail included with the purchase of the Bitminer Hydro FPGA system

  • Housing, location of the Bitminer on our mining farms in Italy or Bosnia.
  • Insurance Theft and fire.
  • Hardware warranty for 12 months.
  • Technical assistance for maintenance, breakdowns or repairs.
  • Electricity, produced and supplied by our generation plants.
  • Back Office Management and Bitminer monitoring.
  • Community, access to meetings and the work of our industrial miners group.

All the services needed for proper running and management are included: our support, electricity costs, connectivity, insurance against fire and theft. All with 12 month warranty at our facility.


Reservations are available. Bitminer Hydro FPGA will be available as of October 2018 inside the mining farms of Calenzano.

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