Antminer Z9 mini with housing and electricity for 12 months


Antminer Z9 mini is the most powerful Bitmain miner for mining on Equihash Script suitable therefore for Zcash (and other cryptos). Inside it has 3 ASIC mainboards with 12 new ASIC processors for an overall hashrate power of 10 KH/s. This model consumes just 270 Watt/hour. You can order your Antminer Z9 mini immediately including all housing, electricity, warranty, assistance and mining management services included for 12 months.

It is equipped with12 new ASIC processors specially developed for Mining on Equihash script.

The miner can only be purchased with location inside our mining farms and therefore provided with housing, assistance, warranties and mining management for 12 months included in the sales price. Save approximately 600 Euro in electricity costs in the first 12 months.

Antminer Z9 mini is a miner suitable for mining the group of cryptocurrencies compatible with Equihash like Zcash (and other cryptos).


Antminer Z9 mini is the most powerful Bitmain miner for mining on Equihash Script.

Antminer Z9 mini is the most powerful miner generating Zcash (and other cryptos) based on Equihash script. This model is also sold with housing and mining management and all services for 12 months in one of our mining farms.

Technical Board

  • Producer Bitmain
  • Model Antminer Z9 mini
  • Chipset / Chips (qty) 12 Chips ASIC installed on 3 mainboards
  • Hash rate 10 KH/s (variation of +/- 5%)
  • Power supply APW3 (inclusive)
  • Consumption 270 Watt
  • Hashing algorithms Equihash

Housing complete with electricity, connectivity and assistance for 12 months is included

The service is devised for those wanting to grow rapidly, avoiding problems of space and unit infrastructure, also saving high electricity costs.

Free electricity for 12 months

You can choose to purchase your Antiminer Z9 mini system for mining including free housing and electricity for 12 months included in the price. After the period of free electricity, housing, assistance, warranty and mining management services are included in the cost per KW. At the end of this period, you can decide to leave your machine inside the mining farm or withdraw it. The subsequent cost for all services will be conditional on market conditions, however we work to ensure all community miners the lowest operating cost possible. We currently believe we can ensure a monthly housing and mining management cost between 45 and 99 Euro/month.

Services included with the purchase of the Antminer Z9 mini system

  • Housing, location of the Bitminer on our mining farms in Italy or Bosnia.
  • Insurance Theft and fire
  • Hardware warranty for 12 months
  • Technical assistance for maintenance, breakdowns or repairs.
  • Electricity, produced and supplied by our generation plants
  • Back Office Management and Bitminer/Bitminer/Antminer monitoring
  • Community, access to meetings and the work of our Industrial Miners Group.

All the services needed for proper running and management are included: our support, electricity costs, connectivity, insurance against fire and theft. All with 12 month warranty at our facility.


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