Reliable high performance miner rig with housing and electricity included in the price

High hashing power for Ethereum, Monero, Zcash, Zcoin and other cryptos! Today Bitminer Rig is everything you need to create your cryptocurrencies immediately, rapidly and autonomously and quickly set up your mining farm mining rig without electricity costs for the first 12 months.

A single Bitminer rig gives you more than 240 MH/s for Ethereum mining

You can start to build your mining farm with a single Bitminer rig! Biminer Pro rigs are very powerful mining computers assembled, managed and programmed to perform a single task continuously: create new virtual currency. Purchasing even a single ASIC miner or Bitminer with top of the range AMD or NVIDIA based configurations, complete with housing and electricity included for 12 months gives you immediate access to working with our group of industrial miners to begin to build your mine, without limitations of space and infrastructure, and begin to earn immediately.

A lot of power

Multi GPU (production units) systems with overclock in 8 GPU configuration.

Performance that lasts

Your miner maintains performance over time even when calculations get more difficult! Video boards with NVIDIA and AMD chipsets from 4 to 8GB of memory.

Faster data writing

Hard Disk SSD type serial ATA 3 or the new advanced writing performance, low consumption M.2.

Low consumption and clean frequency

Ultra high quality mono or redundant power supply from the Platinum and Titanium series for lower consumption and better power stability. More life for your miner!

More reliability and stability

Only the most reliable and stable mainboards for mining or gaming from Biostar, Gigabit, Asus, Tytan.

Faster system

Up to 16Gb of RAM memory with fast DDR5 memories. DDR4 is twice as fast, and consumes less!

Bitminer Pro 8 GPUs + housing and electricity free for 12 months
Order and activate your miner in 30 days

Semplicemente Un Mining Rig Professionale

Bitminer P8 is everything you need to immediately and rapidly create the majority of cryptocurrencies like EthereumMoneroZcashZcoin and many other Critptos, fully autonomously. Every Bitminer is a supercomputer for GPU based mining, ready to use immediately and with stable overclock; already configured to be controlled even remotely.

The yields and configurations are set out in detail in the offer and are top of the range. For example, a single Bitminer Pro 8 (8 GPUs) has a hashing power which according to the configurations can vary between 220 and 250 MH/s in Ethereum and up to 6800 H/s on Monero.

A powerful and reliable miner to mine rapidly and last longer! Bitminers have stable and reliable configurations that we have tested inside our mining farm, and we own many units of them. Bitminers have an excellent productivity/price ratio and are the foundation for developing a high end, extraordinarily reliable mining rig, balanced and powerful, built with components and hardware designed for mining.

Purchasing a Bitminer Pro with housing and mining management inside the mining farm, begin to mine your cryptocurrencies now, without intermediaries and with all the hashing power your miner can deliver. Truly become the owner of your mining rig, you have no electricity costs, you can grow more rapidly and earn much more. With the housing service, electricity is free and all services are included.

Bitminer P8 Mining Rig Bitminer Factory

Le più potenti GPUs sono al lavoro per te

GPUs (Graphics Processing Unit) are the beating heart of your mine. They are your small production units and represent your mining power. They are the fundamental part of your production system and we know it well!

For this reason, every Bitminer is configured to get the most out of performance and the greatest reliability and long life from all AMD or NVIDIA GPUs in the basic configuration with 4 GB of RAM.

Configuration available with:

AMD RX 570 4GB 

AMD RX 580 8GB 


Sturdy, fast and made to last.

The configuration of our miner computers have been studied to help you get the most from production with the greatest reliability and long life. Fundamental components such as the power supply, mainboards and GPUs have been selected to rapidly mine more than 20 different cryptocurrencies and last the longest time possible.

GPUs mininer in vendita in italia 8gpu 12gpu AMD 8 gb Bitminer Factory
Bitminer Pro 8 GPUs + housing and electricity free for 12 months
Order and activate your miner in 30 days

Energia Compresa e Housing per sempre!

We work to make sure miners inside our mining farm have the greatest efficiency for their mining rigs at the lowest production cost.

With a strategic development programme to implement new Mining Farms in Europe capable of hosting up to 30k mining units by 2019, we work together with other industrial power suppliers as partners to optimize production costs and mining from our rigs.

When the value of cryptocurrencies falls and when mining becomes impossible, our miners continue to mine, without interruption and with fewer difficulties because other miners cease activity.

You no longer have limitations of space or electricity and you can be sure your miner rigs or ASICs have high performance and state-of-the-art technology. Each miner needs a lot of protected, stable electricity, at constant and controlled temperature, with maximum connectivity and connection to the most secure, reliable network.

Industrial miners & mining community

Allocating your Bitminer P8 in housing on our mining farmyou share with all of us this great adventure, you join a business network of Fintech entrepreneurs and an industrial group of miners for whom collaboration and growth in mining are the main objectives.

Bitminer Factory Prima Mining Farm Italia

Are you ready to work professionally with your miner?

Many services and the security of working with Gruppo Industriale Angeli at your side to achieve operating excellence and obtain the most from results.