Sale of ASIC miner with housing and electricity included in the price

A lot of hashing power for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Litecoin and other Cryptos! Purchasing even a single ASIC Miner gives you everything you need to create your cryptocurrencies immediately, rapidly and autonomously, and quickly set up your mining rig inside our mining farm without the cost of infrastructure, technical staff or electricity.

The entire range of ASIC miners at your fingertips

You can choose to configure your mining rig with the entire range of ASIC miners, even purchasing a single ASIC miner, complete with housing and electricity for 12 months. You immediately get the opportunity to work with our group of industrial miners and build your mine inside our mining farm without limitations of space, beginning to produce your Cryptos immediately.

Housing and electricity for life

Purchasing your ASIC with housing and electricity today gives you exclusive rights to maintain your machines inside our mining farm for life, available only through this offer, actively collaborating on the development of our community of industrial miners.

Top of the range ASIC hashing

ASIC at maximum power! Every ASIC model has an impressive 3 ASIC boards assembled in parallel and every miner gives you the maximum calculation and performance speed.

More guarantees and much more assistance

Purchasing your ASICs inside the mining farm gives you a 12-month rather than the 3 month warranty offered by the manufacturer and in addition you have a qualified mining farm operator always available to autonomously manage your ASIC mining rigs.

Prompt delivery and batch management

We manage the entire process of selection, ordering, shipping and implementing your entire ASIC machine park from booking in the batch stage to final implementation in the mining farm.

ASIC miners + housing and electricity free for 12 months
Order and activate your miner in 30 days

ASIC miners, specialized, powerful, but less versatile

ASIC Miners are what you need to produce the most popular cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Pura, Litecoin among others, immediately and rapidly, and fully autonomously. Every ASIC miner is a supercomputer for specialist mining in mining a single script and can mine only few blockchains.

This main characteristic of ASIC Miners makes them much less versatile than a multi GPU system like Bitminer P8 which, as opposed to an ASIC, can mine up to over 14 different Scripts.

When you buy one of the ASIC miner models with housing and mining management inside the Mining Farm, you can begin to mine your cryptocurrencies right away, without intermediaries and with all the hashing power your miner can deliver.

The ASIC miners are also sold with housing, assistance and electricity for a minimum of 12 months inside one of the mining farms we own.


Only the best and most powerful ASIC miners

We selected only the most powerful of every ASIC model for you. Indeed, in our online shop you can confidently select and order only the most powerful ASIC miner models available on the mining hardware market.

complete range of powerful ASIC miners with the support you need to immediately develop your specialist mining rig on ASIC script.

The entire ASIC range with housing and electricity

You can choose to purchase any high power ASIC model with housing, assistance and electricity included in the price for the first 12 months. At the end of this period, you can choose to keep your miner inside the mining farm starting at 45 euro/month.

Activate your ASIC with housing and free electricity for 12 months
Order and activate your miner in 30 days

Housing and electricity to mine always!

We work to make sure miners inside our mining farm have the greatest efficiency for their mining rigs at the lowest production cost.

With a strategic development programme to implement new Mining Farms in Europe capable of hosting up to 30k mining units by 2019, we work together with other industrial power suppliers as partners to optimize production costs and mining from our rigs.

When the value of cryptocurrencies falls and when mining becomes impossible, our miners continue to mine, without interruption and with fewer difficulties because other miners cease activity.

You no longer have limitations of space or electricity and ensure your miner rigs or ASIC have high performance and state-of-the-art technology. Each miner needs a lot of protected, stable electricity, at constant and controlled temperature, with maximum connectivity and connection to the safest, most reliable network.

Asic Mining Farm Italia e Bosnia

Are you ready to work professionally with your miner?

Many services and the security of working with Gruppo Industriale Angeli at your side to achieve operating excellence and obtain the most from results.