Mobile mining farm for major generators of traditional and renewable power

Maximum yield from your rigs using electricity for industrial mining directly in your efficient user systems. The MMF are what you need to have a tele assisted mining farm directly at your power generation facility.

Mobile mining farms are the most efficient and fastest solution to rapidly launch mining farm operations near power generation facilities. With 3 mobile units we can guarantee you the maximum security in management and implementing the units in your generation facilities.

Maximum mobility

MMFs are standard size and are easily transportable directly to your power generation facilities.

Plug & Play

ready to use mining farm! Simply connect it to your connection points and the data network by cable or satellite.

Scalable, Flexible, Modular

Mobile mining farms are the fastest and simplest solution to implement and scale your mining projects in your power generation facilities.

Maximum performance, maximum profit

MMFs are the best Capex and Opex solution, a perfect balance between technology, investment and operation. In mining, nothing has better performance if you are a power generator.

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Mobile Mining Farm? Scopri se fa al caso tuo..

If you meet these minimum requirements you can decide whether to install a mobile mining farm at your generation facility, a true transportable industrial mining rig easy to place directly at your production facilities.

  • Average operating budget: 350k Euro.
  • Existing production facility/ies: required.
  • Minimum installation space: starting at 100 sq m.
  • MMF electricity need (average): 110 kWp.

The installation site must be accessible and sufficiently large to ensure the correct placement of the MMF units.

You get the security of working with an industrial group.

With more than 40 years of experience in civil, industrial and facility construction we can guarantee the correct and rapid implementation and running of your mining rigs wherever they are placed at your power generation facilities.  Visit the facility of our group leader for more information on our operating spectrum and our industrial references.


Massime performance, massima scalabilità

Mobile mining farm with modules that can host between 60, 100 and up to 300 very powerful miner computers.

Miners are installed inside 40 foot standard ISO shelters for electrical and electronic equipment specially developed to host miners, IT infrastructure and cooling and management systems.

Mining farm in plug & play solutions, ready for use

Every MMF (mobile mining farm) is equipped and developed to be rapidly connected to the power grid and begin industrial mining immediately where there is a connection to the power grid or self-generation of electricity.

  • Maximum mobility 
  • Passive cooling systems
  • Plug & play integrated solutions
  • Flexible, scalable, modular

Request a visit to our mobile mining rigs to learn more and assess the capacity of our rigs and our collaboration.

Mobile Mining Farm 100U - Vista Interna by Bitminer Factory Mining Farm
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Noi vogliamo te...

By choosing Bitminer Factory’s MMF solutions, your generation plant gets to participate in a new, major entrepreneurial initiative in mining destined to conquer the European market for industrial mining infrastructures.

Working together means you are never alone, and you can use our support and the support of our community of miners, developers and researchers who work daily to deliver greater performance and security to industrial mining.

Together with other power generators like you, our know how and our community, we are building the largest European industrial operation in the industrial mining infrastructure development sector.

For this reason, we are building a massive network of collaborative synergies between Industrial groups and power generators in order to successfully and safely support and disseminate industrial mining throughout Europe.

Contact us to make your Group part of our initiative.

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