All the power of FPGA technology under your total control with maximum performance

We have the most efficient FPGA solution ever! With personalised on demand reprogramming service, technical assistance, electricity and housing inside the mining farm.

Bitminer Hydro FPGA is the most powerful and versatile FPGA Miner every developed with Hydro Cooling System technology.

Nothing is more powerful, unique and versatile than the FPGA Bitminer Hydro. A new concept miner where every hardware component is submerged in cooling liquid with high thermal conductivity. A solution that ensures much faster thermal dissipation in the FPGA boards than the OEM version, with the benefit of overall super miner performance. Bitminer Hydro FPGA is a unique solution on the market with an impressive 20 board FPGA Xilinx VCU1525 Crypto Edition Board reprogrammable for different scripts to create cryptocurrency or calculations.
A new frontier for industrial mining!

Performance, durability and reliability

Thanks to the cutting edge “Hydro Cooling System” all FPGA boards and all Hardware components work at very low temperatures. This way, miner performance is 40X superior compared to the comparable air cooled solution in OEM programming.

Housing and electricity

Purchasing your Bitminer Hydro FPGA with housing and electricity today, you get exclusive rights to maintain your machines on our mining farm for life, available only through this offer.

A show of power

FPGA at maximum power! Bitminer Hydro FPGA has 20 FPGA boards assembled in parallel to offer the maximum calculation and performance speed.

On demand FPGA reprogramming

When you buy your PFGA mining system, you gain an entire team of developers at your service, who can reprogramme your machine for the scripts you intend to work with.

Btminer Hydro FPGA with or without housing
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The most powerful FPGA miner ever

Bitminer Hydro FPGA is a highly powerful computer/miner. A unit which is hundreds of times more powerful than GPUs and completely programmable for various types of calculation and applications, even ones not associated with mining.

  • Up to 100X faster than a high end CPU Server.
  • 1.8X faster than the air-cooled version.
  • Every FPGA is 18X faster than a NVIDIA 1080Ti.

Equipped with an impressive 20 FPGA Xilinx VCU1525 Crypto Edition Boards fully submerged in a cooling liquid closed forced circuit “Hydro Cooling System”, its heat dissipation capacity is 30X higher than traditional air cooled OEM units. A characteristic that extends life and performance extraordinarily.

The most powerful FPGA miner ever assembled to date. As a fact, every single FPGA board installed in Hydro Miner is up to 10-100X faster than a high end server CPU, while for logic algorithms, every single FPGA of this miner is approximately 15-18X superior to a NVIDIA 1080Ti.

FPGA Xilinx Virtex UltraScale+ a 16nm

20 FPGAs based on UltraScale architecture, the most recent Virtex® UltraScale Plus devices with 16 nanometre Xilinx technology installed to operate in parallel on a single super computer. They offer maximum performance and integration capacity of a FinFET node, including the maximum signal processing bandwidth at 21.2 TeraMAC of DSP processing performance.

They also offer the maximum on-chip memory density with up to 500Mb of integrated memory, as well as up to 8GB integrated HBM Gen2 for 460 GB/s of memory bandwidth.

Virtex UltraScale + devices offer significant functionality with IP integrated for PCI Express, Interlaken, 100G Ethernet with FEC and Cache Coherent Interconnect for Accelerators (CCIX). The Xilinx 3D IC use Stacked Silicon Interconnect (SSI) to overcome the limitations of the law of Moore and supply the capacity to meet the most demanding project requirements.

Third generation 3D IC technology supplies registered inter-die routing lines that enable operations at > 600 MHz, with an ample, flexible clock. The most powerful FPGAs in the industry, ideal devices for applications ranging from the network 1+ Tb/s, smart NIC, machine learning and data centre interconnect, with fully integrated radar/early warning alarm systems and industrial mining.

Miner Bitminer Hydro FPGA Xilinx VCU1525 Crypto Edition
Btminer Hydro FPGA with or without housing
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Electricity included and housing always!

We work to make sure miners inside our mining farm have the greatest efficiency for their mining rigs at the lowest production cost.

With a strategic development programme to implement new mining farms in Europe capable of hosting up to 30k mining units by 2019, we work together with other industrial power suppliers as partners to optimize production costs and mining from our rigs.

When the value of cryptocurrencies falls and when mining becomes impossible, our miners continue to mine, without interruption and with fewer difficulties because other miners cease activity.

You no longer have limitations of space or electricity and you can be sure your miner rigs or ASICs have high performance and state-of-the-art technology. Each miner needs a lot of protected, stable electricity, at constant and controlled temperature, with maximum connectivity and connection to the most secure, reliable network.

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