Mining operation for big investors and power generators

If you want to build your mining farm confident of the results and with a reliable partner, ask our industrial group to help. The only operator with 40 years in operation in civil and industrial construction and engineering for renewable energy generation systems actually specialising in the construction of mining farms in Europe.

With more than 1.2 Mw of power supplies and 1000 miners active in the first and largest Italian mining farm, today we are the only reliable and secure industrial group delivering turnkey construction for your mining farm. A serious and advanced EPC contractor, the first to have built and successfully managed a mining farm in actual operation in Italy.

Engineering, supply & construction

Executive project management, supply management and implementation of works and rigs.

Management and maintenance

Selection of calculation algorithms and technical maintenance of rigs and infrastructure.

Optimization and performance

Continuous optimization of the machine park and overall performance of the mining farms

Feasibility study

Preliminary technical study and specific custom analysis of costs and revenues.

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Mining Operation e Costruzione Mining Farm

The construction and profitable and secure management of an industrial mining farm requires attentive technical financial analysis, as well as a series of facilities and synergies of scale to be able to launch rapidly for proper implementation of the initiative.

Maintaining CAPEX and OPEX reasonably contained, in this case is about more than just being sensitive. We know in depth the market dynamics, time frames and operating difficulties needed for the diligent running of an industrial mining farm and we use our know-how and measurement data collected by our mining farms to be able to help to successfully develop and manage your initiative.

Minimum requirements

  • Minimum operating budget: 700k Euro.
  • Existing property: required.
  • Power generation facilities: required.
  • Electricity cost: Lower than 0.08 €/kWp
  • Electrical connection in MT: required.
  • Technical staff to train to run the farm: required.

If you do not meet these minimum requirements it is recommended that you evaluate the possibility of building your mining farm inside one of our Bitminer Factory mining farms.

Gruppo Angeli Bitminer Factory Costruttore Europeo Mining Farm

A winning, expert team by your side

Bitminer Factory built within the Gruppo Industriale Angeli  has built the first industrial mining farm in Italy, conquering a position of leadership manufacturing alongside the community of industrial miners who, by purchasing machines inside the mining farm, have contributed to developing the largest Italian mining farm.

Our mining farms in numbers

  • 1.2 Mw electricity available
  • 1000 active miner computers
  • 200 active ASIC miners 
  • 800 active GPU miners
  • 2900 TH/s of power in SHA 256 (Bitcoin)
  • 186 GH/s of power in Ethash (Ethereum)
  • 3 Mining farms under construction (Italy, Bosnia, Switzerland)
  • 4 Mining farm projects in the evaluation stage (Non-EU)
  • 3 Mobile mining farms with 100 mining rigs already built.
  • 23 dedicated operators
  • 1 ICO project to develop the mining company in Europe

With 40 years of operations in building, civil and industrial construction and the development of technological systems, we are your partner of reference to develop your industrial mining business.

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A true 4.0 industrial initiative

We have built our success by sharing our initiative and know-how developed together with our community of industrial miners. This way we have created a group of professionals, managers, companies and small industrial groups with operations in mining, with a synergic and collaborative approach, in the development of infrastructure and application in blockchain and fintech.

Today, through our new and original industrial ICO (incoming contracts offering) project  we are scaling the Bitminer Factory project in Europe where we want to establish ourselves in coming years as the top mining company.

We are building a massive network of collaborative synergies between industrial groups and power generators in order to successfully and safely support and disseminate industrial mining throughout Europe.

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