The fastest way to professionally mine.

Choose and activate your GPU, FPGA or ASIC miners. Configure your mining rig inside the mining farm and begin mining to earn with cryptocurrency.

Mining rig and ASIC miner with housing and electricity to build your mine now

Mining rig and ASIC miner with housing and electricity to build your mine now
When you purchase one or more GPU, FPGA or ASIC miners with housing service including electricity (your own “mining rig” system allocated inside our mining farm and controlled remotely), you begin to create cryptocurrency immediately. You have the opportunity to grow your machine park faster, you have no structural or electrical limitations, and you get the biggest earnings faster and with wider guarantees.

We are the first miner computer and mining farm builders in Italy

With more than 1000 miners active inside the Italian mining farm and an expansion project on another 3 mining farms, we are the leading industrial group currently operative and reliable in the sector. We are proud to have brought an industrial connotation to mining, building value and synergy in Italy. Working with us, you become part of a group of highly motivated miners and entrepreneurs who work together and you will immediately receive assistance and tech support that will help you securely and rapidly develop your business in the cryptocurrency mining sector. You can professionally mine cryptocurrency even by buying a single GPU, FPGA or ASIC miner, to develop your private mine inside the Bitminer mining farm. With Bitminer Factory, you will rapidly begin to create your new cryptocurrency even if you are not an expert miner, and to build an industrial mining business.

Service and assistance for miner computers

Purchase one of our Bitminers or develop your mining farm with us to get immediate access to the services and assistance you need to manage and control your miner computer or miner farm from home or the office.
Activate your Bitminer today and get free electricity for 12 months

GPU, FPGA or ASIC miner computers

Every Bitminer is a high performance miner computer made for hard mining and creating currency quickly! We offer configurations with optimized overclock on both chipset and AMD or NVIDIA GPUs or fully programmable FPGA base Xilinx and the entire ASIC range. Choose your configuration from our online catalogue.

Personalized and custom miners

We use the best hardware components on the market and we assembly custom miner computers. In addition to performance, we work to ensure your machine has the best performance in terms of stability, safety and cost.

High performance miner computers

Sturdy, fast and made to last. The configuration of our miner computers have been studied to help you get the most from production and the greatest reliability and versatility over time. This is why our Bitminers can mine different cryptocurrencies quickly and last as long as possible.

Activate your Bitminer today and get free electricity for 12 months
Order and build your mining system inside our mining farm

Order and build your mining system inside our mining farm

With the purchase of your GPU, FPGA or ASIC miner you gain access to everything you need to immediately and quickly create new cryptocurrency fully autonomously, with the help and infrastructure you need to rapidly grow your machine park without the worries of space, technical assistance or electricity costs. We are developing new mining farms in Italy and abroad with power plants or low cost electricity ready to host your mining systems until their end of life. This way while you are mining, we are working to lower production costs and develop new initiatives with our industrial mining community. You gain access to our group choosing from the ASIC and Bitminer GPU or FPGA range. A complete range of high performance miner computers, tested, ready to mine, and configured to be controlled remotely.

Order your miner computer

The first step to begin construction of your mining system inside the mining farm, with your system located within our infrastructure, is to purchase one or more GPU, FPGA or ASIC miners. Every miner is a mining system for digital currency and blockchain suitable for mining different cryptocurrencies.

Assembly and Installation

After placing your purchase order, we take care of assembly and/or placement of your GPU, FPGA or ASIC miner (or miners) inside the mining farm and we connect it (or them) to the network, the pool and your personal wallet. Your extraction systems are located inside the mining farm and are your property! At this point you are almost ready for industrial mining with us and other industrial miners in our large mining company.

Housing, electricity & technical assistance

You are ready for industrial mining and creating your cryptocurrencies using your miner computers. You are safe against falling cryptocurrency values and so, while others are spending, with Bitminer Mining Farm systems you continue to mine with no interruptions to production, with all the services of assistance, maintenance, warranties, insurance against fire and theft and exclusive mining management services.

See how a miner works while producing cryptocurrency

Housing and electricity for your miners

With our support, electricity included at low cost for the first 12 months, and timely management of our mining farms and our power generation systems, you never stop mining! By building your mining system together with us, you can be confident that production will continue at your mining system or your mining farm with all the assistance you need provided by a mature and reliable industrial group.

To launch your mining system now and grow rapidly, forget all the problems you’ve had linked to costly electrical and technology infrastructure, we have come up with a convenient housing and mining management service for industrial mining, exclusively for our miners, who want to ensure continuous, consistently efficient operation with high performance in a secure, high tech environment, for your machine parks or mining farms.

When you purchase one of our miners, the housing and collocation service is included in the price of your mining farm with the “All inclusive” formula complete with electrical supply, technical assistance and hardware, warranty and insurance for 12 months. An unbeatable offer that we have created just for you to help you grow more rapidly in professional mining and develop new synergies with us.

Mining farm development and design

We were established by an industrial group in continual evolution and we have travelled far. We were the first to believe in industrial mining and have made significant investment in building our mining farm and developing new processes and know-how specifically for mining management.

If you are interested in developing your mining farm we work with you step by step, starting with industrial and financial planning through to turnkey solutions for your new mining factory.

We are the first Italian company to have built an industrial mining farm in Italy with a 1.2 MW power supply, to have developed a high performance multi GPU miner, and installed a constantly active 1000 mining unit machine park, with a current potential of more than 187 Gh/s per Ethereum and 2900 TH/s per Bitcoin.

Today, with a development program for another 3 mining farms already launched in 3 countries collaborating with other industrial partners, and an ambitious European expansion project, we are also developing the first industrial ICO in the world, the ultimate aim of which is to build with you a great initiative of shared value in the context of blockchain infrastructure.

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Collaboration, Research & Development 4.0

We have travelled far and we want to work with you! At Bitminer Factory, we believe greatly in people and in collaboration and we have chosen to invest in Fintech products and services. We work and have worked on joint projects with research bodies and Universities and we are open to new collaboration as investors and collaborators. We are always interested in knowing or participating in the development of new high tech industrial projects and initiatives, both in mining and blockchain applications.
If you want to find out more, let’s work together and discuss your project, contact us now to tell us about your initiative.

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